• About Protect One Percent

    Being wealthy is not a crime - it's a right

    In the 21st century, and especially since the GFC of 2007/8, the wealthy have come under increasing attack. Rather than being admired for their success, and respected for their contribution to the economy - they are treated with suspicion, disrespect, and distain. This can be seen from rising taxes on high income earners to the "Occupy Wall Street" protests.


    Protect One Percent is a privately funded, non-profit organisation which aims to stand up for the rights of the worlds wealthy. Sustainable levels of wealth are not created by accident - they are built over time, through hard work, perseverance, and passion. We believe that excessive high income tax is unfair, and universally dangerous. These taxes are not a tax on the rich, but are a tax on enterprise and success. We believe that it is the legal right of every individual to legally avoid their tax, and we believe that more people must understand what the wealthy contribute to society.


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