• Project Kermode Survival

  • The Kermode Bear

    ​The Kermode Bear is a rare subspecies of Black Bear residing

    in the Great Bear Rainforest - in North and Central Coast areas

    of British Columbia. Roughly 10 percent of the

    Kermode Bear population has totally white fur - which is caused

    by a recessive gene.

    The colouration is also the origin of the name "Spirit Bear"

    and their official name "Kermode Bear" is named after

    Frances Kermode of the Royal British Columbia Museum. There is thought to be less than 400-500 Kermode Bears, let in the wild. With the densest population, present on Gribble Island, which is home to about 140 white bears.

  • The Situation

    The Beautiful Kermode or "Spirit" Bear is under constant threat, primarily from global warming, but also habitat loss. An average litter is only 2 cubs (although up to 3 is possible) this means it is vital that all of the cubs survive. Global Warming is a constant threat as, the warming waters reduce their supply of salmon. This is why the polar regions are so important, even to regions like the Great Bear Rainforest. Warmer waters threaten to dramatically lower salmon supply, in the rain forest, and rising sea levels from melting arctic sea ice, encroaching on habitat. For Example: Kermode bears on Gribbell Island, enter a state of semi-hibernation, inside hollow interiors of large old trees, in order to avoid the five months of volatile winter weather and lack of adequate food resources. If this pressure is increased by warmer waters bringing less salmon and melting polar regions rising sea levels, cutting off habitat, and food supply, the Kermode Bear faces a serious future.

  • How You Can Help

    1. Raise Awareness: Please share this information, to inspire other people to take the action below.
    2. Action: Reduce your effects on climate change, climate change is threatening to cause the extinction of the Kermode Bear, with food sources dwindling, and habitat shrinking. You only have to simple things, like turning appliances off at the wall, and lights off when you are not in the room. It all makes a difference to the future.

  • Special Thanks

    A Special Thanks to Tom Svensson, for allowing us to use his beautiful images. You can see all his amazing images at www.tomsvensson.se

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